Lebanon County Firefighters Association


2019-2020 Officers

President: Lee Spencer, Ebenezer Fire Company

1st Vice President: Kenneth J. Rhoads, Jr., Perseverance Fire Co., Jonestown

2nd Vice President: William Kale, Union Fire Company, Lebanon

Recording Secretary: Barry Batz, Perseverance Fire Co., Jonestown

Assistant Recording Sec.: Randy Lebo, Hook and Ladder, Lebanon

Financial Secretary: Randy Simmon, Neptune Fire Co.

Assistant Financial Secretary: Arthur Wealand, Newmanstown Volunteer Fire Co

Treasurer: Larry Helmuth, Chemical Fire Co

Assistant Treasurer Vacant 

Chaplin: Pastor Chris Light, Ebenezer Fire Co.

Assistant Chaplain: Ronald Miller, Ebenezer Fire Co.


        Edward Treat, Chemical Fire Company

        Conrad Liles, Union Hose Fire Co., Annville

        David Hull, Keystone Hook & Ladder

        Jason Weikel, Annville-Cleona Fire District

        Eric Dulac Perseverance Fire Co., Jonestown

State Association Delegate:  Office Vacant

PA Fire & Emergency Service Delegate:  Office Vacant


2019-2020 Committees


*Carl Bachman

Lee Spencer

Larry Helmuth

Jason Weikel

Randy Lebo

Randy Simmon

Barry Batz

Eric Dulac

William Kale

Conrad Liles

Dave Hull

Ed Treat



*Leroy Leach

Lisa Jo Rudy

Rick Rudy




*Dave Hull

Barry Batz

Ed Treat

William Kale

Larry Helmuth


Fire Chiefs

*Lee Spencer

Jay Rhoads

William Kale





Fire School

*Jay Rhoads

Ronald Miller

Jason Weikel

William Kale

Larry Helmuth

Travis Duncan

Justin Gernert

Brian Kleinfelter

Bryson Loper

Tyler Smith

Andrew Becker

Conner Ahnert

Matt Dunbar

Gary Verna

Mike Michaels

Duane Troutman

Mike Lyons

Fire School Project

*Larry Helmuth

Jay Rhoads




Barry Batz

*Art Wealand

Randy Simmon

Dave Hull




*Barry Batz

Lee Spencer

Larry Stohler




*Larry Helmuth




*Brad Smith

Eric Dulac

William Kale


*Pastor Chris Light

Ronald Miller

Randy Simmon

Barry Batz

Larry Helmuth


Honor Guard

*Jason Weikel

Frank Ceresini III

Billy Weikel

Samuel Day

Logan Day

Shawn Hoyer

Doug Hartman




*Frank Ceresini III

Jay Rhoads

Larry Helmuth

Ed Treat



* Committee Chairperson


2020 Convention


Fire Training Center

Fire Prevention

Fire Companies



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Life Safety Initiatives

Lebanon County Community
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Right to Know Law

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New Apparatus Standards

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